Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Progress Tuesday 9th November 2010

Dear all
With some 45 volunteers on site today we should have made considerable progress and, of course, we did. A joint operation between the VCT and PWT saw a concerted attack on the vegetation in the area bounded by Duffield Tunnel and Duffield Footbridge. As trees were felled the brash was taken by rail to a point some distance away from the inhabited area to be burnt and some six large wagon loads were dealt with. Many requests from our neighbours were integrated with today's activities which resume on Thursday. All concerned deserve a little extra praise as the weather conditions were wet and cold and many hot baths and showers will be enjoyed this evening.
The Dream Steam Team seems to grow week by week pushing Henry Ellison forward with paint being applied to the wheels and frame. Surrounding this activity was the refurbishment of the foundation ring, springs and eccentric straps. The last two activities were under the control of Mary Birch who has been introduced to areas of volunteering that she wouldn't have ever dreamt of. Nonetheless she can work closely with her husband who has been christened "eccentric Rod" and was sporting a very natty "Tornado" woolly hat today.
The LMSCA have been closeted in their workshop with machines working overtime to support the remarkable progress with the restoration of the Stanier Third Open.  Also at Duffield the Platform team rebedded some of the coping stones that had been disturbed by the Komatsu a couple of weeks ago.
An essential back room job engaged Patrick as he brought the drivers records up to date and Dorothy braved the cold to undertake further work on the station planters. The Booking Hall continued to process Santa bookings as the pace quickens.
It was very good to welcome Fred and Iris back into the fold after Fred's absence due to a minor, but worrying, emergency operation. They have duly cleansed the Mess Hall and restored order to this facility where even simple washing up seems to provide a metal block on those who rest, briefly, there.
A day that brings much encouragement to the forward movement of our project.