Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Progress Tuesday 30th November 2010

Dear all
Our hero of the day is MKT who rose to the challenge of looking after a MyTestTrack customer who, against all odds, arrived this morning for a whole line 1530 test. White out conditions prevailed but, none the less, the test was conducted and the client satisfied with the result. The only other activities on site were the Dream Steam Team, somewhat depleted, that worked until early afternoon and the LMSCA who reported that all seat bases for the Third Open were now complete.
As I write this the road outside the window is white over and even the Malt Shovel has shut its doors as no custom is expected - truly a sad day.
You will have every sympathy with Hylton who is sitting at home with a broken gas boiler in the vain hope that British Gas will meet its obligations.
In view of the weather conditions no works train will run tomorrow or Thursday and we hope we can catch up next week. This is the first time in ten years that we have been totally beaten by the weather!