Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Progress Tuesday 2nd November 2010

Dear all
The day started with mild pleasant weather that deteriorated by the afternoon into a wet, bleak dark ending with dusk falling at around 1530hrs. Nonetheless, a veritable kaleidoscope of work was achieved. Very black people emerged from the Dream Steam Team as they winterised Ferrybridge No3 proving that steam locomotive maintenance is a dirty business. The Komatsu received repairs following an attack by a tree branch at Duffield a couple of weeks ago. On completion the flail was attached and the machine driven to Duffield for use on the Platform project through the rest of the week.
The VCT continued their efforts on the boundary fence north of Derby Road No4 bridge where we abut the Chatsworth Estate. Much clearance of vegetation achieved and it became a three fire day with a five man team.
The PWT had a most productive day with the scrap rail at Shottle released for collection and eventual export. This activity was followed by a start being made on the cleaning of pre-owned sleepers from the area of VCT work which revealed more scrap and a quantity of garden quality sleepers which were stacked at Shottle. A wagon load of logs was collected up and placed on the Shottle siding for sale.
The LMSCA cleaned out the Mark 1 BSK ready for renovation work to commence and the LMS Third Open moved forward with vestibule ceilings fitted and an assembly of steam heating parts. The woodwork for the seats was in mass production and it was good to see Derek back at work after a period of rest with gout.
The station planters were readied for the winter and the Booking Hall continued to process Santa Bookings.
A very good day.