Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Progress Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Dear all
So much going on today that, unusually, I have had to resort to a taste of Scotland to help the creative juices. So off we go with the joint efforts of the PWT and VCT to move four wagon loads of brash from the Duffield clearances to the burning site a little way away. The PWT had a number of tasks to perform at Wirksworth before departure including placing the ballast hoppers in the Wash Green dock and gathering the Lowmac from the Car Park. On return form the south the Sturgeon was added to the consist for loading with materials tomorrow.The Komatsu journeyed from Duffield to Wirksworth ready for its role in tomorrow's activities but also to receive more repairs to the flair and filter housing. Alan managed along with his duties as head of burning to undercoat milepost 134.
The DST, consisting of ten people!, continued painting, repairs to the foundation ring, replating the footplate and overhauling the drain cocks of Henry Ellison. I merely report this without really understanding what it all means but I am sure the end product will be lovely.
More jargon to come with the LMSCA constructing a further nine seat bases for the Third Open and experimentation with new lighting configurations. A word I have never come across before, may have been invented by Derek Mason, is "patresses" which represent the area between light fittings and the ceiling which it is claimed were fitted today. A special mention is due to Peter who has funded and fitted newly made drop windows and surrounds to the Saloon. Last seen in pitch dark fitting some of his newly supplied material.
Radio Derby visited this morning for a piece that was put out during the afternoon. We had around 20 minutes of exposure which I am sure will help the cause and enabled me to ramble on without interruption.
The Komatsu was returned from Duffield to Wirksworth ready for some activity tomorrow and yet more repairs to the flail. We knew this machine would be high maintenance given the work asked of it and it is great we have the skills in house to undertake the bulk of the repairs.
Work has continued to give the Gatex First Open coach lights and a modicum of heat for the Santa season without it costing and arm and a leg. The Logging Department were rejoicing in Friday's delivery of product, I think that's what they said, and have produced a quantity of full bags for sale. More progress was made on the covered accommodation for Ferrybridge No3.
In the Booking Hall further fine tuning of next year's timetable leaflet occupied quite a lot of time and more Santa bookings were progressed. Our Duffield representative visited HQ to report on a day of leaf gathering, assistance to VCT and brash loading. Whilst a future is determined for Hydra useful parts were removed to store as it is likely the locomotive will make a positive contribution to the future of the Railway in one form or another.
Another very good day.