Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Progress Tuesday 16th November 2010

Dear all
Quite a day with an incredible level of activity on our project. The Dream Steam Team devoted their attentions to Henry Ellison with much painting, plating of the cab and cleaning the motion. The LMSCA were in production again with the seating to be installed in the Stanier Third Open.
The Permanent Way Team went south and report that redundant sleeper have been totally cleansed from Duffield through to Derby Road 4 bridge north of Hazelwood with four loads delivered to their final resting place and any garden or siding quality sleepers placed in appropriate stacks. Miscellaneous scrap encountered during these activities has been filed in the waiting skip at Shottle.Given a fair wind, tomorrow should see the final uplifting of unwanted material from the lineside with the exception of the prodigious products of the VCT. That team today dealt with some 40 yards of blackthorn north of Shottle, a most challenging piece of vegetation, and two large fires consumed the end product. The team's endeavours at Duffield had been interrupted today as contractors for Network Rail thoroughly examined the footbridge at Duffield requiring a complete ban on passing traffic.
Yesterday and today had been occupied by the bagging up of 60 tonnes of ballast into one tonne bags ready for use by a customer tomorrow and Thursday. This was all ably orchestrated by Hylton with a contractor and was ready in good time before the customer's arrival this afternoon.
The LMSCA were in full production of the parts necessary for seat construction in the Third Open and the Booking Hall continued to process Santa bookings.
We were pleased to welcome our new Book Keeper, Angela, who will move amongst us once a week from now on to ensure our financial reporting and probity is as it should be. For those of you who watch our activities from home from time to time I give thanks to Leigh and Anton who have installed a second web cam giving a new view of our enterprise.
I also take the opportunity to thank Ernie Marchant who has very kindly returned to the fold to get our share register into shape and ensure that we do not breach Companies House rules. Not an easy task but very essential to our general wellbeing unless you relish visiting the directors in less salubrious surroundings. ( Did I hear a yes there!)