Thursday, 4 November 2010

Progress Thursday 4th November 2010

Dear all
A quietly productive day with the Duffield Platform area having a general tidy up to make work on the remaining section a slightly easier task. Sundry surplus stone and tree roots were loaded to the Rudd for transmission to a site where they can finally rest. A further 30ft of track bed was prepared south of the buffer stop to give a longer headshunt which aid the movement of materials for the general development of this area. The south ground frame received adjustments to fine tune the lie of the points.
The VCT reported a successful conclusion of their fence repairs along side the Chatsworth Estate and a splendid three fire day to cleanse the lineside. The team move to the Duffield area next week and will be supported by the PWT on Tuesday and Thursday.
Some exploratory work commenced for the proposed shelter over Ferrybridge No3 with the proviso that it has to accommodate coaching stock passing through and visiting slightly larger engines. Mathew gave two of our MyTestTrack Landrovers an exterior clean and had a further go at the Class 20. A lone Permanent Way man patrolled Wirksworth Yard but was largely defeated by the inclement weather.