Thursday, 25 November 2010

Progress Thursday 25th November 2010

Dear all
It's a miracle anyone turned up today yet alone set out to do some constructive work. However, there remains the spirit of adventure even though extremities were in danger. The PWT and VCT joined forces again to continue the attack on the dense vegetation at Duffield. Four loads of brash were moved to the burning site but timing issues prevented the ace fire raiser from achieving a burn leaving a great deal of this product to be dealt with next week.
Duffield is certainly benefiting from the clearance and the process will continue for some weeks to come. I am grateful to the PWT who managed to provide two loads of logs for sale to waiting customers at Shottle, a very worthwhile achievement.
Some of you may have read about the auctions of material from the late Jarvis empire. Two of our four bids came good and some 30 fishplate spanners and 10 timber nips were collected from Doncaster today at prices we could never have achieved from our normal supplier. The Saloon interior had further work and I am very grateful to Peter who is pursuing this most worthwhile project. During the morning the uprights for No3's shed were successfully erected.
The responsibility for our book keeping was successfully transferred from Tom to Angela during the day and this activity, usually hidden from the world, is essential to ensure our dues are paid to HMRC and that we have a clear picture of our financial situation.