Thursday, 18 November 2010

Progress Thursday 18th November 2010

Dear all
Another most satisfactory day with MKT and Hylton tending to our customer's every need. Many thanks are due to Anton for stepping into the breach to man the Buffet Car to provide soup and sandwiches to our customer's customers. The end of the day saw the test machine leave site with some trailers due to depart tomorrow and we are just left with some 60 tonnes of ballast to find a home for!
The PWT and VCT joined forces again as they tackle the considerable undergrowth at Duffield. Some four loads of brash was moved away from the housing there and burnt further up the line. Two useful wagon loads of logs were brought back to Wirksworth, one for a direct sale and one for the Logging Dept.
The LMSCA were in action dealing with window drain pipes and there was a modest effort surrounding the proposed shed for No3.