Thursday, 11 November 2010

Progress Thursday 11th November 2010

Dear all
Winter has really set in but the brave souls of the PWT and VCT joined forces to further clear the area between the footbridge and tunnel at Duffield of unnecessary vegetation. A mighty seven wagons loads of brash were shipped to the burning site and a fire of gargantuan size dealt with all this unwanted material. A magnificent achievement given the inhospitable weather. Apparently, as areas are cleared, Duffield proves to be one of the worst for dumping of sundry items by our neighbours including a most surprising number of buckets!
60 tonnes of stone was delivered to the Wirksworth Car Park to be bagged next week and used as one tonne weights by one of our regular customers. Timber was also delivered including a proportion that will be used in the quest to provide a cover Ferrybridge No3 and is also capable of allowing full sized stock to pass through it. Exploratory work was undertaken to see whether Faraday may be brought back to life with initial encouraging results.
Two minutes silence were observed by the PWT at the eleventh hour.
PS - We have learnt of an incident at a Railway not too distant from us where a volunteer slipped on the footboards of a Brakevan, whilst it was moving, fell and was hospitalised. A lesson for us as in wintery conditions these wooden footboards can be treacherous and it is a real no no to try and join a moving vehicle - please by cautious!