Sunday, 7 November 2010

Progress Sunday the 7th of November 2010

Dear all,

A bright, if chilly, winters day here with volunteers pottering around
dealing with a wide range of necessary tasks. For the first time this
year, there was no Sunday passenger service, though there will be a few
trains on Saturdays in November to Idridgehay. In this blissful peace
some jobs were got to grips with that couldn't be done while passenger
services were running, including the removal of several ballast bags
from the north end of platform 3, with a couple still to move. The
conscripts were occupied in this task and also broke the back of the
shed drain job, which should be complete next week if all goes well.

Around the yard the newly arrived J94 received painting attention in the
shed, and work also proceeded on the LMS brake van. One of our other
brake vans received its cosmetic wooden cladding from the Rod and Mary
Show, in preparation for the scheduled visit in December of one Nicholas
S Claus. Also on the woodwork front, the Training Room steps were
repaired by ASM Woodhouse and the interior checked for leaks, after the
roof was recently treated, and this appears to have done the trick.
Further remedial work took place on the Gat Ex doors and the Gat Ex
water tanks and toilets were checked and winterised.

The DMU team first attended to some computer work and Mr Kilroy's cat
will shortly be on-line. The team then devoted themselves to checks on
the Bubble Car, which proved satisfactory. Duffield Station was
inspected, along with some passing Black Fives, and a station ladder,
the disabled ramps and the solar unit battery were transmitted to that
station; however, an immediate return was delayed while tea was made
using the slowest boiling kettle in Christendom.

All the best,