Sunday, 14 November 2010

Progress Sunday the 14th of November 2010

Dear all,

A foggy start, which soon cleared. In a highly unusual move, the Duty
Conscript was out of the door to start work before our own staff. The
first task of the day, was then, to finish the removal of the remaining
ballast bags from the north end of platform 1 and transmit the contents
down the yard, by the miracle of the hand trolley, to complete the Shed
Drain. The completion of this work was rapturously received by the Steam
Team, whose joy at not having to negotiate the drain after 2 1/2 years
was plain. The balance of what remained in the ballast bags was used to
fill in the cribs next to the fuelling point, as many staff walk in this
part of the yard as well.

Meanwhile, the DMU team, aroused by this show of interest in work,
managed to stagger out of the Mess Room in the direction of the Class
108. A fruitful day saw them finish the painting of the chassis parts of
that unit, with a great deal of underframe black slapped around, closely
followed by red, white and orange. Other members of the Team attached
both handrails and steps. In an effort to prove Mr Fergy-Lee's statement
about our ability to attach pictures to this edifice, which is the daily
report, I attach a picture of the DMU Team being "supervised" by Mr Rob
Green, who is looking very cheerful, having just passed his ECS exam
(L-R in the picture: Brad, Leigh, Connor and Rob). Further driver
training took place on the M55006 during the day and the train crew were
refreshed by the the station staff at Duffield. Also at Duffield, a
mammoth leaf clearing exercise took place, closed followed by the
replacement of the boarding on the down slow footbridge abutment, which
had been blown off by Al-Quaeda. Oh, I'm sorry, I wanted that to sound
more interesting than it was, so I made it up, like they do on the TV.
Actually it fell off and has been restored by Rodders.

Back in Wirksworth, the small but perfectly formed Steam Team were
engaged in preparing the cab floor plating on Henry Ellison and, er,
delivering a boat. Also in the yard, the Class 20 received routine
maintenance, principally involving a bucket, and the Elves were hard at
it preparing Santa's Toy shop. We were all, quite, quite exhausted.

All the best,