Saturday, 6 November 2010

Progress Saturday 6th November

Evening all,

A very strange sort of day with many many Day with a Driver and Drive a Diesel guests. The day started with a planning moment so that all of these guests could receive the best value for their money, and despite the bubblecar throwing a wobbly after the first run, they all enjoyed themselves. The DMU team were able to fix said wobbly after swapping the service vehicle for Iris. The guests all enjoyed their lunch in the buffet car too. Three trains ran on the Idridgehay line primarily for the benefit of the guests, however these were also surprisingly well used by other visitors, despite the services not being advertised. Inbetween the runs to Idridgehay, Driver Allsop put his "Breeze" head on and gave the guests a run to Ravenstor. The Drive a Diesel crew did some shunting before also having a run down the line.

In between fixing various things the DMU team worked on the 108 guard van ceiling, whilst a few steps away, the LMSCA worked on seat frames for their TO coach. Some of the LMSCA also worked on tidying the interior of the to-be-restored Mk1 BSK. The newly arrived 8F group worked on tidying up after various things had scattered themselves around on the A6 yesterday. A new volunteer who saw us during a volunteering show at Derby University last week had a full introduction - he has recently moved to Derby and fancied up-scaling from his previous railway, the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway!

Some work was done on the brakevan in preparation for Santa trains next month.

Mike Evans via Leigh