Saturday, 20 November 2010

Progress Saturday 20th November 2011

Dear all,

Another busy and cold day at the foot of Wyvern Towers. Our teams entertained six BuyAGift Guests and all seemed to enjoy themselves. The passenger service saw reasonable numbers, with the first train being loaded with a party of 29 that turned up out of the blue.

Down the yard, a lone member of the LMSCA began preparations to renew the drain pipes inside the LMS Third Open coach. These pipes are fitted to the majority of coaches (LMS, BR and DMU) under the windows. They catch the condensation that forms on the inside of the window and they drip it outside so that it doesn't rot the interior. 

The 8F group continued work inside their coach and the DMU group continued working on the Class 108, with the vehicle getting ever closer to being ready for service.

Mike Evans via Leigh