Saturday, 13 November 2010

Progress Saturday 13th November 2010

Dear all,

Today was very much a rolling stock day, with oodles of volunteers on site performing various tasks on our workhorses. Both the Class 20 (work on the injectors) and Class 31 (traction motor fan) received some pretty heavy maintenance by their various custodians and organisation work continued by the 8F group. Some of this work continued well into the winter darkness.

Meanwhile, the Class 117 received new start and stop buttons for the engines in various places after these had decided to go faulty, and the Class 108 received attention to the cab brake valve so that drivers do not need to be Mr Muscle to operate it. Some further investigations into the lack of illumination inside the Mark2 FO continued and the LMSCA worked on their coach as well.

On top of all of this, the bubble car and LJ Breeze bobbled about entertaining our Day with a Driver guests, with a few ordinary passengers braving the cold for a ride.

Busy day!

Graham Walker via Leigh