Monday, 8 November 2010

Progress on the 10th Anniversary Day Monday 8th November 2010

Dear all
10 years ago to this very day negotiations had reached a stage where the then Railtrack felt able to grant permission for work to start on site at Wirksworth prior to purchase of the line. A straw poll amongst the eight souls involved picked an area to commence the great clearance effort that turned out to be where the buffer stop is in the Car Park, then a dump for sundry piles of muck and rubbish. The rest is as they say "history"!
Many, many hours of volunteer effort have since been put into the project and much, much money has been put in by supporters of the Duffield to Wirksworth line to move it to where we are today. The tantalising prospect of full line reopening in our eleventh year is truly exciting and will comprise sights and sounds to match the opening of the line in 1867.
We have gained new friends as our journey has progressed and, sadly, lost a few on the way. What will be achieve in the next ten years? Given what has gone on in the past one suspects the 20th anniversary will again celebrate remarkable achievements.
Raise a glass and toast the energy and determination of all associated with the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - haven't we done well!