Thursday, 28 October 2010

Progress Thursday 28th October 2010

Dear all
After yesterday's excitements a more sober day ensued with the VCT renewing their renewal, or reconfiguration, of the fencing north of Derby Road bridge 4 that divides us from a little part of the Chatsworth Estate. A most inventive approach has been devised that produces a very adequate fence that is not quite as tall as it was and reuses the resultant materials in a most productive way. One very large fire was the end product of the less than useful material.
The Permanent Way Team depleted by too much enjoyment made significant inroads to the old sections of Duffield Tunnel track, all of which is only fit for scrap, located at Shottle enabling us to realise some value towards the cause. They managed to deal with around 50% of the material and will return to the attack next week. A helpful by-product was the release of some 16 reusable sleepers that will be applied to the extension of the Shottle loop.
A lone Silvester pointed a further 40ft of the Duffield platform wall, quite a magnificent effort that enhances this wonderful project.
We took our farewells of Bob Dixon, known as "Ashford Bob", who has endured the rather elderly caravan on the Wash Green dock during his regular visits. The costs of travel from Kent have defeated him and he is joining forces with the Folkestone Harbour Railway project.His experiences on the Ravenstor Incline should help and we wish him well for the future and he has promised to follow our progress from afar.
Enid reports that John Gratton is on the mend and may be home from hospital this weekend if all is well.
PS For those that have seen a little part of my cine film from 1965 I regret I was no Ivo Peters and the cost of standard 8 film plus the clockwork mechanism encouraged very short busts of activity and my income was around £6 a week! I know this was a fortune in them days! The first few seconds were from bunking Nine Elms - if only digital photography had been available then. I was great to meet the fireman on the 4F tour during the Steam Gala with Bellerophon and No3 - we are all very young at heart and will long remain that way.