Sunday, 31 October 2010

Progress Sunday the 31st of October 2010

Dear all,

A foggy start in Wirksworth resulting in the rest of the kingdom being
cut off from civilisation. However, the day cleared and small groups of
volunteers emerged from the murk to carry the railway forward once
again. The passenger service had a modestly successful final timetabled
day of the year and the Day with a Driver guest, from London via
Sheffield, was happily satisfied with his experience.

In the yard, work proceeded on Ferrybridge No3 and the ashpan was
removed and the firebars were scrapulated. On our other steamer, Henry
Ellison, the foundation ring was cleaned and the bottom edge of her
firebox was ground with a grinder. The other grinder (powered by the
Passenger Dept bicycle) was used on the doors of the class 108, as
eloquently described by Leigh yesterday, wherein the old paint and
Formica was removed by several members of the DMU Team wearing small
round white hats. The doors on this vehicle are now finished, to
considerable rejoicing, as well as dancing round the bicycle.

It being a day of doors, Team Bramson took another of the faulty GatEx
doors to pieces, greased it up to its cotter pins and several other
parts and returned it to working order: only one more to go. While the
doors were being fettled, the middle yard gate received a modest repair,
which, while not quite as railway-like as one might hope, will at least
stop it scraping along the ground and giving us a hernia trying to open it.

The Duty Conscript was once again delegated to the shed drain effort and
this is coming along nicely, if not especially quickly. Meanwhile,
Higham Enterprises was engaged in fulfilling the recent request of the
LMSCA to have BSK 34625 (a BR mark 1 brake corridor coach, little noted
to date in these historic annals) cleaned, in readiness for the start of
its repairs. Said BSK was tidied up, swept and mopped, much to its surprise.

Meanwhile, as Mr Tarry has now left the building, an application has
been made to the Department for Transport to have the Mess Room
re-franchised. A new franchise will start as soon as the 15 year
fast-track tendering process is complete, at which time the Mess Room
will be renamed the "Characterful Leisure Area". It will receive a new
livery, double the number of seats in the same space and have all the
windows removed, so people don't waste their time looking out of them.

All the best,