Saturday, 30 October 2010

Progress Sat 30th October 2010

Evening all,

The final weekend of timetabled passenger services began today with reasonable loadings. The Day with a Driver and three Drive a Diesel guests all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

In the yard, the LMSCA furthered the TO coach and the DMU team continued working on the class 108, with further refurbishment of door backs; a continuation of yesterday. A door back consists of the wooden surround pieces and a Formica panel in the middle and at the top. Refurbishment involves removing the wooden surrounds and sanding the old orange paint off so that they are nice clean wood again. Then, the components are stained with a Walnut wood stain using a sponge! Whilst that is drying, the relevant parts are covered in new Formica, which involves removing the old orange and damaged Formica, cleaning up the board behind, measuring and cutting a new piece of Formica and then gluing it to the board. This piece is then put back on the door along with all the rest of the parts and they are given a coat of clear varnish for a shine. This takes about 3 hours per door and there are 6 to do on the vehicle. It is a long process so next time you open any door in a railway vehicle on our line, consider what it takes just to make it look nice!!!

Mike Evans via Leigh