Friday, 29 October 2010

Progress Friday 29th October 2010

Dear all
Phil's last day with us was very productive with a third session of radar detection testing involving the 2 Car Met-Cam set. The customer was content with the results after being ably hosted by Phil, Graham and Peter. There are indications we may see them again!
The LMSCA retrieved the machine tool delivered yesterday and stored it safely in their "workshop". Hylton test drove the Fitness To Run forms produced by the Class 20 Association together with David N and had a few observations to feed back that I am sure will be helpful in keeping this valuable machine road worthy.
DMU maintenance involved the addition of anti freeze to the Class 108 whilst, inside the vehicle, good progress was made with doors and the application of Formica panels.
We say our final farewells to Phil at tonight's Board Meeting although I suspect he will be back with us from time to time, if only to escape the mother-in-law!