Sunday, 31 October 2010

Progress Sunday the 31st of October 2010

Dear all,

A foggy start in Wirksworth resulting in the rest of the kingdom being
cut off from civilisation. However, the day cleared and small groups of
volunteers emerged from the murk to carry the railway forward once
again. The passenger service had a modestly successful final timetabled
day of the year and the Day with a Driver guest, from London via
Sheffield, was happily satisfied with his experience.

In the yard, work proceeded on Ferrybridge No3 and the ashpan was
removed and the firebars were scrapulated. On our other steamer, Henry
Ellison, the foundation ring was cleaned and the bottom edge of her
firebox was ground with a grinder. The other grinder (powered by the
Passenger Dept bicycle) was used on the doors of the class 108, as
eloquently described by Leigh yesterday, wherein the old paint and
Formica was removed by several members of the DMU Team wearing small
round white hats. The doors on this vehicle are now finished, to
considerable rejoicing, as well as dancing round the bicycle.

It being a day of doors, Team Bramson took another of the faulty GatEx
doors to pieces, greased it up to its cotter pins and several other
parts and returned it to working order: only one more to go. While the
doors were being fettled, the middle yard gate received a modest repair,
which, while not quite as railway-like as one might hope, will at least
stop it scraping along the ground and giving us a hernia trying to open it.

The Duty Conscript was once again delegated to the shed drain effort and
this is coming along nicely, if not especially quickly. Meanwhile,
Higham Enterprises was engaged in fulfilling the recent request of the
LMSCA to have BSK 34625 (a BR mark 1 brake corridor coach, little noted
to date in these historic annals) cleaned, in readiness for the start of
its repairs. Said BSK was tidied up, swept and mopped, much to its surprise.

Meanwhile, as Mr Tarry has now left the building, an application has
been made to the Department for Transport to have the Mess Room
re-franchised. A new franchise will start as soon as the 15 year
fast-track tendering process is complete, at which time the Mess Room
will be renamed the "Characterful Leisure Area". It will receive a new
livery, double the number of seats in the same space and have all the
windows removed, so people don't waste their time looking out of them.

All the best,

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Progress Sat 30th October 2010

Evening all,

The final weekend of timetabled passenger services began today with reasonable loadings. The Day with a Driver and three Drive a Diesel guests all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

In the yard, the LMSCA furthered the TO coach and the DMU team continued working on the class 108, with further refurbishment of door backs; a continuation of yesterday. A door back consists of the wooden surround pieces and a Formica panel in the middle and at the top. Refurbishment involves removing the wooden surrounds and sanding the old orange paint off so that they are nice clean wood again. Then, the components are stained with a Walnut wood stain using a sponge! Whilst that is drying, the relevant parts are covered in new Formica, which involves removing the old orange and damaged Formica, cleaning up the board behind, measuring and cutting a new piece of Formica and then gluing it to the board. This piece is then put back on the door along with all the rest of the parts and they are given a coat of clear varnish for a shine. This takes about 3 hours per door and there are 6 to do on the vehicle. It is a long process so next time you open any door in a railway vehicle on our line, consider what it takes just to make it look nice!!!

Mike Evans via Leigh

Friday, 29 October 2010

Progress Friday 29th October 2010

Dear all
Phil's last day with us was very productive with a third session of radar detection testing involving the 2 Car Met-Cam set. The customer was content with the results after being ably hosted by Phil, Graham and Peter. There are indications we may see them again!
The LMSCA retrieved the machine tool delivered yesterday and stored it safely in their "workshop". Hylton test drove the Fitness To Run forms produced by the Class 20 Association together with David N and had a few observations to feed back that I am sure will be helpful in keeping this valuable machine road worthy.
DMU maintenance involved the addition of anti freeze to the Class 108 whilst, inside the vehicle, good progress was made with doors and the application of Formica panels.
We say our final farewells to Phil at tonight's Board Meeting although I suspect he will be back with us from time to time, if only to escape the mother-in-law!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Progress Thursday 28th October 2010

Dear all
After yesterday's excitements a more sober day ensued with the VCT renewing their renewal, or reconfiguration, of the fencing north of Derby Road bridge 4 that divides us from a little part of the Chatsworth Estate. A most inventive approach has been devised that produces a very adequate fence that is not quite as tall as it was and reuses the resultant materials in a most productive way. One very large fire was the end product of the less than useful material.
The Permanent Way Team depleted by too much enjoyment made significant inroads to the old sections of Duffield Tunnel track, all of which is only fit for scrap, located at Shottle enabling us to realise some value towards the cause. They managed to deal with around 50% of the material and will return to the attack next week. A helpful by-product was the release of some 16 reusable sleepers that will be applied to the extension of the Shottle loop.
A lone Silvester pointed a further 40ft of the Duffield platform wall, quite a magnificent effort that enhances this wonderful project.
We took our farewells of Bob Dixon, known as "Ashford Bob", who has endured the rather elderly caravan on the Wash Green dock during his regular visits. The costs of travel from Kent have defeated him and he is joining forces with the Folkestone Harbour Railway project.His experiences on the Ravenstor Incline should help and we wish him well for the future and he has promised to follow our progress from afar.
Enid reports that John Gratton is on the mend and may be home from hospital this weekend if all is well.
PS For those that have seen a little part of my cine film from 1965 I regret I was no Ivo Peters and the cost of standard 8 film plus the clockwork mechanism encouraged very short busts of activity and my income was around £6 a week! I know this was a fortune in them days! The first few seconds were from bunking Nine Elms - if only digital photography had been available then. I was great to meet the fireman on the 4F tour during the Steam Gala with Bellerophon and No3 - we are all very young at heart and will long remain that way.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Progress Wednesday 27th October 2010

Dear all
A day that exceeded all expectations and, in many ways, represented the culmination of the first phase of our project. The 10th Anniversary celebration was brought forward from its due date of the 8th November to combine with the accolades following Phil's decision to depart from the enterprise after 10 years involvement deeming his part of the adventure complete.
The day commenced at 1100hrs with Ferrybridge No3 leading a two coach formation on a through trip to Duffield with some 80 working volunteers who had made it all happen. A gentle and splendidly evocative journey took some 55 minutes before arriving alongside the newly reconstructed platform. There were many photo opportunities at Duffield as the locomotive took water and coal before running round the train. Many, firsts were accomplished including the first passenger steam train since 1965 (the 4F excursion) and the first steam locomotive run round in living memory etc. etc. Many local residents were in attendance to witness these momentous events.
The journey back to Wirksworth was more leisurely being all up hill with pleasant stops at Shottle where the owners of Peak Oil were surprised to observe our significant outing and at Idridgehay where no one was perturbed by our pause there. On arrival at Wirksworth, some 30 minutes in advance of the planned schedule, the appropriate speeches were made before anyone could attack the sumptuous buffet.
Opportunity was taken to indulge in some justified mutual back slapping on this most significant day. Peter Taylor thanked all concerned on behalf of the share holders and Mike Craft presented Phil on behalf of EVRA a delightfully restored Midland Railway chair together with life membership of the Association and the results of a collection resulting in a large number of garden centre gift vouchers. Phil responded with a potted history of his time with preserved railways but, strangely didn't mention time before the mast. Ann accompanied Phil and her contribution in the early days of the enterprise was gratefully acknowledged and perhaps didn't want to know about his lonely times on lighthouses.
Jeff excelled with the buffet arrangements and Dorothy organised the puddings together with two magnificent cakes, one to celebrate our 10 years and one to recognise Phil's "retirement".
I can only say that today represented our fledgling organisation at its best and the good will from all who participated created a very warm atmosphere. I am sure those who said some years ago "it would never happen" were revising their script to say "haven't they done well". I found the whole event pulled on the heart strings as we steamed up and down the valley - absolutely marvellous!
10 miles in 10 years, 5 new platforms, no bank borrowings, 8 to 160 workings volunteers - sheer genius.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Progress Monday 25th October 2010

Dear all
A curate's egg of a day with the planned Landrover survey to Duffield to define the work remaining to be achieved frustrated by the failure of the vehicle to start. Eventually the Bubble Car was substituted and made its maiden voyage into the new platform at Duffield. Useful data was gathered and the beginnings of a plan for the post Phil era started to take shape.
Bance impact wrench repairs took place in the weighbridge and the Booking Hall welcomed a few hardy visitors.
I am pleased to be able to report that John Gratton seems to be on the mend although will have to spend a little more time in hospital. However, it is great regret I have to announce that Lady Hilton passed away during the weekend. She was a great supporter of our Railway and patron of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association together with being the holder of Share Certificate No1. I understand there will be a private family funeral and a larger celebration of her life at a later date. Our flag is flying at half mast in some recognition of the affection Lady Winifred was held in by the Company and Association.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Progress Sunday the 24th October 2010

Dear all,

An extremely pleasant and sunny autumn day here in Wirksworth. The
passenger service was strangely busy for so late in the season and a
whole range of work activities took place around the site. The Day with
a Driver guest stayed from start to finish and was well pleased and a
party of small people tested the sound proofing in the GatEx. Also in
the Gat Ex, the fitter solved the door window opening problem in the
south end of the TSO and washed the exterior, or "moved the muck around
a bit", as Tom put it.

A magistrate of conscripts turned up and several of these were delegated
to carrying on with the shed drain work and the others were pleasured to
clean the Met Cams. The Guerrilla Gardeners were out in full force and
cleared a further wide swath of the former nursery area of its selection
of weeds, saplings and general tat.

In the yard the DMU team, assisted by Mango Tours, proceeded with work
on the class 108 including handrail fitting, ceiling painting and
droplight repairs before getting stuck in to removing the foul orange
formica from the interior doors, something with sadly infests 1980s DMUs
and then commencing its replacement with walnut stained veneer.

Also in the yard, the steam team proceeded with welding work on the
frames of Henry Ellison, and the LMSCA carried on with the fitting of
seats to the LMS TSO, something which may take "some time yet".

Around the station the Mess Room door was repaired so it closes
properly, and the Mess Room heater timers reset to warm Mr Tarry's toes
in the morning as opposed to lightly grilling the entire population of
Derbyshire's Lesser Spotted Warblers sitting on the roof overnight.
Please do not turn the heaters off at the mains, this messes with the
timers just before someone else comes in and turns them back on, which
is why we are warming Wirksworth up at night and you are freezing during
the day :-)

All the best,

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Progress Sat 23rd Oct 2010

Dear all,

A very hectic autumn day with normal passenger services running, a Drive a Diesel guest, a Day with a Driver guest and a private charter as well. The team coped and the customers had a good time. The booking hall even sold some shares!

The LMSCA continued work on their coach and the EVRA AGM was held in the town.

At Duffield, the Passenger Services Manager began work on creating some passenger facilities.

Graham Walker via Leigh

Friday, 22 October 2010

Progress Friday 22nd October 2010

Dear all
Another momentous day for our enterprise with the final coping stone placed on Duffield platform at 1400hrs. Many congratulations to Mick Thomas who had masterminded this, the longest platform on our Railway and the many people that have helped with this splendid project. There is still work to do but the key elements are now complete on this long curved edifice which for many people in the future will form their first impressions of the line.
Back at base the dmu team were reshunting their stock into a semblance of order after vacating the Maintenance Facility whilst Henry Elision was being sand blasted.
The November Edition of Derbyshire Life has four pages devoted to us and the visit of Bellerophon with very high quality photos. A small stock of this edition is available in the Booking Hall at £2.95 each.
JHT has been beavering away at a new volunteer recruitment leaflet and after the final copy was agreed today took it to the printer so that some would be available for an upcoming volunteer fair at Derby University.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Progress Thursday 21st October 2010

Dear all
A chill in the air but the sun shone on the progress today. The Duffield platform project draws to a conclusion with blocks prepared for the last few coping stones to be placed. These stones were moved to site together with the necessary building materials ready for work tomorrow.
A very small but perfectly formed permanent way team replaced a further 12 sleepers leaving just eight to be achieved next Tuesday. The VCT had a two fire day at the former erosion site and dealt with yet more hawthorn making progress painfully, in all senses, slow.
The Class 20 Association gave D8001 a thorough going over ensuring it remains fit for the demands of our Drive a Diesel Days. I am very grateful for their ministrations as these driver experiences have proved to be a tremendous financial gain for the Railway this year and bookings are already being taken for 2011.
The Works Train returned to Wirksworth at the end of the day and commencing next Tuesday will again start and finish its schedule at Wirksworth for the foreseeable future.
We welcomed our new best customer who was test driving a hand held rail flaw detector and will be rejoining us next week for further radar work.
John Gratton has taken extraordinary steps to avoid his logging duties by residing in the Royal Hospital in Derby with pneumonia. I am sure you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Progress Monday 18th October 2010

Dear all
A wintery day of little activity after the busy weekend. Nonetheless, yesterday's fireman returned to rake the ash out of Ferrybridge No3 and the take the Works Train to Duffield with L J Breeze ready for this week's permanent way adventures.
Track from the Museum Siding was reported as being wide to gauge so a temporary repair of a gauge tie bar was fitted in an attempt to prevent the situation getting worse.
The Booking Hall was open for a few very hardy visitors and the usual range of phone calls.
A final reminder that staff from all departments are required for the last major track relaying job at Duffield tomorrow and Wednesday. This involves replacing two rails in the area of the footbridge that doesn't allow for mechanical aid. If everyone does not participate we will have a gap in the track until such time as the necessary manpower can be mustered. Please do all you can to assist.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Progress Sun 17 October 2010

Dear All,

Today was the second day of the annual Wirksworth Model Railway
exhibition. This has been a very successful event with many visitors
riding on the railway and looking at the little trains in the town.

Not content with only running an event, a selection of other tasks have
also been completed around our superb empire today. In the Gatex coaches
sticking drop-lights were seen to with the application of grease to aid
sliding, not to mention the nail varnish remover to eliminate various
sticky patches on the panes.

Down the yard a lone member of the LMCA continued with the fabrication
of seat bottoms for the TSO. This activity that took place between
drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to the latest hit songs
on the wireless.

A little further along the same siding the recently arrived LMS brake
van had some further work complicated to it. This included painting the
underparts in black as well as anyone else who happened to be the near

Even further down the yard in the shed area the duty conscript was given
the task of clearing the down shed drain and adding to its stoning.
Along the line at Hazelwood bolt collection was in progress.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make today such a success.


Friday, 15 October 2010

Progress, friday 15th October

Dear all,

A leisurely kind of day with gentle progress in several areas. The fault which had developed on Iris during her visit to the SVR was rectified and the DMU group undertook some preparatory shunting for the weekend's model railway event. At Duffield, Thomas Enterprises attended to further work on the platform wall and the Komatsu was returned to Wirksworth.

Around the station and the town various activities were in hand for the Exhibition and various things were tidied up and moved around. In the yard a plan was being formulated for Santa's Grotto and the vast multi-million pound option with talking polar bears was rejected. The Duty Conscript first dealt with some outstanding brash in the car park before moving on to rework part of the shed drain, which will be further attended to shortly, finally said conscript was moved onto shovelling some ballast and was thought to be shattered after a day's actual work.

The Inspection Salon had its batteries charged in readiness for an activity tomorrow evening and a supply of solar lights was readied in the Mess Room in case the batteries prove inadequate (they are rarely used in this vehicle). For those unfamiliar with Solar Lights, they charge up in daylight and will then come on automatically at night, but have no switches as there is no point turning them off: if you want it to be dark you have to cover them with a tea towel.

Please return all used tea towels to the Mess Room.

All the best,

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Progress Thursday 14th October 2010

Dear all
The key event of today was the final inspection and reporting on our spend of the emda grant for the reconstruction of the railway between Idridgehay and Duffield for the purposes of the development of vehicle testing. I am pleased to report that emda are satisfied that public money has been spent in the way described in the original application and that the "outputs" have been achieved. To illustrate where the money had gone the emda representative was conveyed to and from Duffield by D8001 and the Inspection Saloon. The run round at Duffield was demonstrated by the Class 20 being able to lead in both directions. Whilst the reporting has been a somewhat protracted and tedious process it is right that we demonstrate £200,000 has been applied to the Railway and delivered a refurbished line.
The inspection activity curtailed the VCT's work for a couple of hours but they made good progress with clearing the area by the former erosion site of the brash left behind by recent tree felling activity. The platform wall at Duffield looks ever more impressive and work concentrated on the north wall that will mark the end of current ambitions for the structure.
At base the LMSCA reported the completion of a further two seat bases together with general tidying up and two representatives of the "guerrilla" gardeners made further headway with their area outside the junior school.

New Stock List Available to Download

Morning all,

A new version of the stock list is available to download from the usual spot. Updates this time include information about the various wagons that have recently arrived.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Progress Wednesday 13th October 2010

Dear all
With Phil occupied by with the impending wedding of his daughter and all the last minute panics, together with constantly rewriting his speech, it falls to me to report on today's doings. I have to say he has scripted a couple of jokes which may need the indulgence of the audience - not that I know the content.
There was a joint effort by the Duffield platform team and the Permanent Way Team to achieve two objectives. The first was to take down a section at the north end of Shottle platform to release dressed stone to complete the Duffield platform. This was completed and the Flatrol returned to Duffield with the necessary building materials which in turn affected the productivity of the PWT who changed a further 12 sleepers south of Hazelwood.
You may wonder why we are robbing Shottle to complete Duffield and the rationale is that our "new" platforms accommodate a maximum of three coaches and in the medium term Shottle will be a matching length when we get round to this project some years hence.
The Works Train was returned to Wirksworth to ensure a special train to run tomorrow can fully use the run round facilities at Duffield. Back at base the physical preparations for the Model Railway Weekend commenced with stock from the EVRA shop being prepared for removal to the Town Hall and Lynette continued her lone task of ensuring the station garden looks its best.
The work plan tomorrow sees any PW team members joining the Duffield platform team to progress the installation of the "north" wall. VCT meet as planned at Hazelwood and ensure the line is clear at the appropriate time! 

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Progress, Tuesday 12th October

Evenin' all,

A bright but chilly day saw activity all over the system.

At Duffield, the platform team have completed the laying of coping stones on what was the full length of the platform, as far as the top of the former northern ramp. Two rails have been rotated by the footbridge ready for relaying next week.

The Per way team found a further 33 sleepers to change as part of the infrastructure maintenance, these were all fitted.

North of Hazlewood, the VCT continued to clear north of Derby Road No 4 bridge, more fence repairs were carried-out.

At Wirksworth one of our guests spent the day checking their vehicles. Iris and the Bubble car returned after their visit to our friends at the Severn Valley.

The DST, applied more paint to the frames of HE, and spent some time cleaning various bits and pieces.

Tomorrow sees the per way train crew assembling at Duffield, it will proceed to Hazlewood to pick up staff. The train will divide and the loco will go forward to Shottle . before returning later in the day.
The works train will end up at Wirksworth at the close of play.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Progress, Monday 11th October

Evenin' all,

A bright sunny day, saw another team drive a diesel day. They had a jolly good day and actually managed to take the class 20 into Duffield platform with our driver actually driving through the platform with lots of our chaps checking for clearance. The points at Duffield South were reversed and the class 20 managed to cross the tracks.

A great deal of technical data was recorded, but the result was that the loco made it into the platform. The team who were driving for the day accompanied by the WAGS witnessed a great step forward.

The Works train was also taken to Duffield and the Water tank wagon was shunted around the yard and was filled.

Tomorrow the Works train will leave from Duffield.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Progress Sunday the 10th of October 2010

Dear all,

A lovely sunny autumn day in Wirksworth. The passenger service ran
happily up and down with decent numbers for the time of year and
although we might not call this busy, the place looked decently occupied
all day.

The Duty Conscript was despatched at sun-up (10.30) to clear brash
overhanging the boundary fence at Ravenstor and finished with sufficient
time on his hands to sort out the boot box. Meanwhile, several posts
had been secured for the fencing of the Community Garden and a number of
the gardeners turned up unexpectedly to address the quad. This resulted
in a plan to move the, er, perenni, peranniu, pernials, the stuff that
stays around in your garden, to the embankment and plant some new annual
or bi annual green things, not including triffids and carnivorous
euphoniums, in the quad. Meanwhile the Day with a Driver guest admired
the largeness of our endeavour and declared himself well satisfied with
it. Training took place in both the Great House of Guards and the Small
House of the Booking Hall, thanks to David and Ben respectively for
their contributions today. The platforms were swept by Higham
Enterprises and weed killed in the process. In the yard, a great deal of
banging and scraping denoted work on the frames of the LMS brake van and
much satisfying progress was made.

All the best,

Friday, 8 October 2010

Progress Friday 8th October 2010

Dear all
After a fallow period it was most pleasant to start earning again from test work. Today's customer, after some preparation yesterday, was able to assess the performance of a reconfigured radar detection system following tests at Wirksworth a few weeks ago. After a period examining the data they will be with us again later in the month. This work is being undertaken for distant parts of the globe and it is hoped we can publish a little more about the project subject to the end customer's agreement. It's all very exciting and many thanks to Mick Thomas and Graham Walker for facilitating the tests.
The Gatex was being readied for tomorrow's Wedding Anniversary party which heralds a new co-operation between ourselves and the Red Lion that will enable us to serve hot meals such as Sunday lunch.
Chris battled on with the cabling for a new webcam which we hope will bring a new dimension to this medium.
The Santa season truly got underway with reservations being processed and tickets issued for despatch to customers.
A productive day.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Progress Thursday 7th October 2010

Dear all
A pleasant sunny day where the VCT enjoyed the services of "Big Nic" to deal with some of the more difficult trees. The mission was successful with 3 giant willows and one oak being dealt with in the area near the erosion site at Hazelwood all of which were presenting a hazard to train operations. The brash was burnt on two large fires and Alan completed the gloss on milepost 135 3/4.
Duffield platform moved on apace with 23 coping stones placed in position leaving a further 24 to go on this mammoth task. The PWT replaced 18 sleepers south of Hazelwood but were only able to fasten sixteen down as the electric drill failed on them - maybe pulled wires?
L J Breeze returned to Wirksworth in the afternoon with the Flatrol for more supplies of building sand to be delivered tomorrow. The Logging Dept. were in action as winter demand has kicked in.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Progress, Wednesday 6th October

Evenin' all,

Today started wet but soon improved.

Around Wirksworth, the logging dept were in production, Lynette continued getting the gardens ready for winter and the acting deputy assistant stationmaster was seen pruning shrubbery at the rear of the car park. A team of technicians prepared stock for some upcoming test work.

The Per way team, continued in digging out sleepers at a previous flooding site, and replaced 30 sleepers as part of routine maintenance. The drainage of the line requires continuing work but we are getting on top of it - slowly.30 sleepers is highly creditable.

The Platform team backfilled the hollow block on Duffield platform and also positioned materials for construction work at the northern end of the platform.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Progress, Tuesday 5th October

Evenin' all,

A Very early start at Duffield to carry out repairs to the Komatsu in order to get it clear of the Loop before the works train crew arrived. This was after an altercation with a tree yesterday. The Per way team delivered some more concrete blocks to Duffield and then found a further 32 sleepers that required changing further along the line. Some ballast fettling was also undertaken.

The Duffield platform team, completed laying the concrete blocks used to raise the height of the platform, they went on a scouting expedition to find suitable stone to level off the ramp..

The DST split into two, one half raked and sieved the remaining coal stocks and think that they have enough for the next few trips, The other half were busy in the shed, where the frames of Henry Ellison were first sandblasted and then painted in red oxide.

The VCT continued to work around 135 3/4, they carried out repairs to a wooden boundary fence and cleared more trees and undergrowth, they had one fire!

The Carriage types investigated the mystical wonderment of steam heating, whilst also working on the doors and assembling partitions for the TO

The Booking Hall was open, and routine maintenance was carried out around the platform areas.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Progress Monday 4th October 2010

Dear all
After the monsoons of Friday and Sunday today was blessed with sunshine ensuring our Group Drive a Diesel Day guests had a most enjoyable day in the capable hands of messrs.Chuck and Morris. Among the guests was an Eddie Izard, a lorry driver who lacked the second "z".
Mike Billings had rescheduled flailing to Mondays for a few weeks and this did not get off to a promising start with a burst hose necessitating repair before he could commence the attack. Once under way he managed to trim the UP (east) side from the north end of Duffield platform to the footbridge before a rogue tree inflicted more damage and he limped back to Duffield for further hose repairs tomorrow.
Phil undertook his, declared, final hand weed treatment in Wirksworth Yard and the EVRA shop was restocked after a successful sales foray over the weekend.
The Bubble Car and Iris left in convoy for their visit to the Severn Valley Railway and the Works Train was tripped to Duffield this afternoon.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Progress Friday 1st October 2010

Dear all
It was literally an early bath for all of us today as the monsoon season commenced. Despite the awful weather the necessary shunting was achieved to position the Saloon in Platform 1 for tomorrow's LMSCA's AGM and to release a 2 car dmu for service. Iris and the Bubble Car were prepared for their journey to Kidderminster next week and at that point the rain drenched team gave up!
IMT managed to renew some 30 keys in Wirksworth Yard before being rained off. The power supply switch and its locking mechanism were renewed to secure the remaining fuel from today's delivery after the Class 20, L J Breeze and the service 2 Car had been topped up.
It was good to welcome Ted Goodman (81) and his partner from the Bluebell Railway and show them a little of our enterprise. Ted has been until recently Bluebell's signalmans inspector and I was privileged to have had his guiding hand during my time there giving me a working knowledge of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway's Rules and Regulations!