Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Progress, Wednesday 1st September

Evenin' all,

Another day of an Indian summer, with a cold clear start followed by bright sunshine. This meant that the Per Way team managed to get a further 30 sleepers in the ground and are now nearly at 134 1/2.

The Platform department have compacted the MOT (Type 1) and have laid the first 50 or so tactiles on Duffield platform.

The Komatsu made good progress at 49 steps, Ken Rowlands crossing, and Barnsley Lane crossing, all of which had started to disappear, as well as giving a quick trim to other places including some wayward twigs and branches.

The 'monstrous piece of equipage' finally went out on test. Our loading gauge is W6A, whilst the test vehicle was W12 (for you technical persons - in plain language, it was too big, and failed to get beyond Wash Green, however, it managed its tests on the Incline, and braking tests (It spent the first couple of hours having all sorts of bits taken off so that it would fit through the platforms. More testing will be carried out tomorrow.

The Incline service ran, again for the handful of passengers who turned up.