Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Progress Tuesday 7th September 2010

Dear all
Something of a novel today with so many areas of activity.
During the late afternoon yesterday and into the evening our wagon fleet increased by five comprising a Brakevan requiring much tlc and very useful engineers vehicles including a Lowmac, Plate wagon and two Grampus courtesy of Tim Oakes. The Lowmac and Plate were seized by DRE for loading with building materials for Duffield platform and will be tripped there tomorrow.
The DST reported the fitting of a "petticoat" to No3, (I am advised that this is a device to aid steaming - remember I am a clerk), the lifting of the chimney of Henry Ellison from its water tank and the raising of the frame from the wheels by 4 ft or so. As the team seemed to be drinking a lot of tea it would appear that Mary Birch did most of this work.
A visit to the Stanier Third Open revealed further amazing progress with the ceiling in around 50% of the vehicle being fitted together with a sliding door at the north end. The first of the newly created seats was fastened in position and very comfortable it is too.
The PWT battled against the odds today with ever increasing delays in the supply of new supplies. Without the benefit of any supporting works train the last of our existing stock, 34, were inserted and the remainder of the day spent digging out to prepare for the eventual arrival of new supplies.
VCT opened out a further 30 yards of lineside consisting of very nasty hawthorn, burning the wretched end product with one large fire.
The flail was in action, after its chimney lifting, and dealt with the Ken Rowlands to Barnsley Lane section. This was after fitters attention by Milltech across the road who also applied some rather tasteful "MyTestTrack.com" branding to the Multicar.
John Allsop made further progress with 50599 by sanding down the east side and completing the first pass with filler. Duffield platform enjoyed the attention of John Sylvester who pointed up a further 30 feet of platform wall. He would have been embarrassed by the lassitude of the Duffield platform team who seemed to be lolling about for most of the day at Wirksworth. I am sure they will make the time up.
I was most impressed by the Passenger Dept who managed to change a "blown" window in the second open of the Gatwick Express. Only five more to go!
The Passenger Dept also held a briefing meeting to begin to outline where we might be in 2011
The Sealink Port of Hazelwood is now largely complete and the fishing club will now commence fencing the area.
Not bad for a quiet day in September.