Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Progress, Tuesday 28th September

Evenin' all,

Another busy day with activity over the whole network, although it was a dull grey day, everyone had a good glow on!

Starting with the assorted Carriage depts, Painting continued on 50599 with Solebars Buffer beams and exhausts being painted. In the LMS dept, more work was carried out on the internal partitions, and prepping on some of the veneer panels ready for varnishing.

The DST had the boiler sandblasted on Henry Ellison. Once cleaned it was painted with its heat paint, and the main frame was made ready for sand blasting next week.

More sleepers arrived and the works train was assembled. The sleepers were dropped off at various locations for spot resleepering as part of routine maintenance. About 200 old rotters were collected from the relay site and transported to 'storage'. Meanwhile the rest of the per way team changed a lift plate and other bits at Duffield. Two 1000 ltr containers were also transported to Duffield, to provide a temporary water supply.

The Duffield platform team completed squaring off the North end footings of the platform, they also laid out 160 concrete blocks, and filled in the hollows of ones laid last week.

The VCT managed another 40 yards of clearance around mp 135 3/4, and managed two fires, they have started clearing the east side at the same location.

The camera and electrics dept, tidied up the weighbridge, and sourced some electrons for another camera location.

Tomorrow sees all per way staff reporting to Duffield, The Komatsu will be heading out of Duffield first to go flailing.