Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Progress, Tuesday 14th September

Evenin' all,

Firstly a slight oversight, the 80 sleepers laid last Thursday was helped greatly by the Wednesday gang digging out most of them ready for a rapid insertion - great teamwork!

As for today, the Duffield Platform team shunted the yard at Duffield and managed to offload all of the materials brought by train, they also managed to clear the left over materials from the first phase of construction, once again, the Komatsu proved a winner.

The Per way team planted 36 sleepers in the ground, leaving only 36 to complete the present phase to Hazlewood, these will be completed this week. There then remains the insertion of drains and some more sleepers to be inserted at various points.

The VCT had a blazing day with 4 fires, they have completed the clearance of the field that they were working alongside, they were joined by a chainsaw gang who were setting up an area for some demonstration work tomorrow.

The vehicle that was on test for the demonstration was again working in Wirksworth yard, and being used for crew training. Tomorrow will be a hectic day whilst it is being demonstrated to the end user.

The DST, worked in the shed and removed the axle boxes from their project, the sand blasting of the frames should take place tomorrow.

The Carriage team completed the fitting of the ceiling panels, and started worrying about the fitting of the steam heating. Only a few weeks ago they were complaining that it was too hot.

Meanwhile all of the defective windows in the First Open of the Gatex stock have now been replaced, our small team who have tackled this are quite proficient at this task.

The Mess room had its traditional heavy duty clean, and the Booking Hall was ticking over.

Quite a busy day!