Thursday, 16 September 2010

Progress, Thursday, 16th September

Evenin' all,

All of today's activity took place at the southern end of the line.

The Platform gang laid 90 concrete blocks and 30 Tactiles at Duffield, they had a good gang and progress was swift.

The VCT continued tidying up where they have been working during the last few weeks, and restarted one fire . They also cleared up a bit after yesterdays demonstration. They also carried out temporary repairs to the very recently installed gateway at Postern Lodge, which has been knocked down - with big tyre marks over it!

The Per way team changed a further 14 sleepers as part of routine maintenance, and started work on clearing two cross drains south of Hazlewood. The works train also carried out much shunting at Duffield yard and have left two wagons in the headshunt inside the tunnel.

Some feckless ne'er-do-well, chopped the security chains at Duffield overnight and made off with some scrap S&T cable, the cost of the cable was negligible as it was very old rubber covered low voltage Track circuit cable with very little metal in. However, if local members can make an occasional check at the Chapel St entrance.