Sunday, 5 September 2010

Progress Sunday the 5th of September 2010

Dear all,

A pleasant and rather enjoyable day, dry weather and lots of small
groups of volunteers beavering away at their respective tasks. Between
events, we expected the passenger service to be fairly quiet, but in the
end it did quite well, as did Lorna in the bookshop. We also entertained
another Day with a Driver guest, to his evident satisfaction.

In the engineerium, the steam team proceeded with work on Henry Ellison
and its many respective parts, including the removal of the sandboxes,
this being the stage of taking the locomotive to pieces prior to
refurbishment and eventual re-assembly. The DMU team repaired the
deadman's isolation bar of class 108 50599 and the guards compartment of
that vehicle had its newly repaired roof sanded and given the first of
two coats of paint. The class 31 received routine maintenance.

At Hazelwood, the Bance Bandits (a small sub-team of our world famous
p-way gang) excellently dug out a further 21 sleepers ready for changing
during the coming week and took the number of a random sheep on the line.

Around the yard at Wirksworth, a magistrate of conscripts astonishingly
attempted to give themselves hernias in the process of stoning the up
shed drain, a task begun last week. The Rod and Mary show ran the narrow
gauge and tided the wood store and have requested that "deposits" are
left carefully. The Friends of Ashbourne erected a fence next to the
beer store by way of tidying it up and this was then stained. Its gate
has been given a notice "Danger Electrical Room" which was considered
more of a deterrent to the feckless than "Welcome to the Beer Store". On
the high embankment overlooking the east side of the station, the
guerilla gardeners of Wirksworth began clearance and planning to
potentially turn this area into a garden, from where the General Manager
can oversee the empire whilst calling for a modest glass of Speyside
Pimms in the summer sunshine.

All the best,