Sunday, 19 September 2010

Progress Report Sunday the 19th of September 2010

Dear all,

I speak to you now from the parlour bar of the Whore and Trumpet (A
Marston's House), where some of your weary but happy staff are applying,
er, lubrication to their sore parts. Now, we have had a very good day,
with passenger numbers keeping up the recent trend of being better than
last year for this weekend's event, the Home Fleet Gala, where our
entire and utter fleet has been in operation. An early start was
necessarily made with a selection of platform enders banging on the
front door to gather round the class 31 and take large numbers of
photographs. This process continued with the class 20 and (the specially
cleaned) Ferrybridge No 3 and just about anything else that moved and
several things that didn't. The Day with a Driver guest having arrived
from Merseyside also stayed the entire day and was very cheerful about
it. A departing lady visitor remarked that we had a very wonderful "old
station". A word of thanks is due to everyone who has been involved in
any way with the huge effort of this season, whether that is in relation
to events, train and track maintenance, admin, projects or anywhere
around the railway in any way whatsoever. That's a huge THANK YOU.

Around the railway today many other things were taking place. At
Duffield the Sunday gang dealt with 14 welds, clipped up 42 sleepers and
re-arranged their lift plates and generally fettled and re-organised a
multitude of things at Duffield, Mr Tarry presiding. At Wirksworth, the
conscripts were engaged in gardening and in the shed drain work, which
mainly involved breaking rocks. The steam team have begun primer
painting the tank of Henry Ellison and associated tasks. The LMSCA
carried on with their carriages and the recently arrived LMS brakevan
also received some hard work towards its rebuild. In the Gat Ex, further
changing of the FO and TSO armrests proceeded and the gutters were
evacuated. This was followed by window cleaning and New Zealand Egg and
Bacon Pie ("strange but nice")...

That's it for today,
All the best,