Friday, 24 September 2010

Progress Friday 24th September 2010

Dear all
Quite a day for our Group Drive a Diesel Day customers who came from Scotland, Wales, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. The morning was spend with L J Breeze and the Stanier Third Open was returned to its normal resting place after the ministrations of the sand blaster. After lunch they took to the Class 20 on a shunting expedition that embraced Duffield now that the track is safe to carry D8001 at a modest speed. The empty Dogfish were transferred from Duffield to Shottle together with the empty Rudd. The Rudd, Lowmac and Flatrol were then tripped to Wirksworth ready to receive more sleepers and stone next week. They all felt they had full value for money and were honoured to be the first of these groups to venture over the whole line.
At base the mystery fault on Iris was remedied and the vehicle readied for washing over the weekend in preparation for its short break at the Severn Valley Railway. Diesel Car 50599 had its east side varnished and there only remains a few small tasks before its exterior restoration is complete.
General dmu maintenance was undertaken in what turned out to be a wintery day. Catering looked after our guests and their hosts, Richards' Buckby and Preedy together with Tom Tait - all needed because of the tasks set today.