Friday, 10 September 2010

Progress Friday 10th September 2010

Dear all
Another frenetic day with activity on many fronts. Fitness to Run examinations were being undertaken by Brian Smith on the Bubble Car and Iris. This was to ensure they behave themselves when they are shipped to the Severn Valley Railway for a gala in early October. A cardan shaft was renewed on the Bubble Car together with a few minor repairs.
Today's Drive a Diesel Day guest was from Beverley and he and his guest were, again, very ably looked after by Lewis and Richard. During the morning they shunted the Rudd to Wash Green dock to receive a load of crushed stone for the Duffield platform project. This is a slightly cheaper option that the Type 1 limestone we have used in the past. The Shell/BP tank was also shunted top be topped up with water for next weekend. Fuel was also received for the Class 20 and tank.
Chris managed to get the web cam overlooking the car park up and running again and 50599 received undercoat to its east side. Two more windows were replaced in the Gatwick Express and work has started to remedy defective arm rests.
IMT dealt with 7 pairs of dipped joints on the Idridgehay section which is a most essential and useful task. They also turned their attention to a particularly bad joint south of bridge DJW6 (Derby Road 4) where trains had experiences a nasty "lurch". Some progress was made but there appears to be something amiss with the track geometry there which will be remedied when we get a tamper in.
A very productive day.