Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Evenin' all,

This week has been a difficult one for the Per way team, waiting for sleepers that should have arrived on Monday, and thus being without a train with its luxurious rest and catering facilities. The team have had to handball all tools around the track. Not something to be undertaken lightly - especially when the Tool Van was 1 1/2 miles from the work site. However the team have carried on regardless, and have dug out 80 rotters ready for changing during the two days, they installed 34 yesterday before running out. The new delivery finally arrived after lunch today, and were rushed to site. They were unloaded and laid out ready for insertion. The other part of the train has delivered building materials for the Duffield platform project. Whilst waiting for the sleepers, some cleaning of No3 took place.

A visitor came for a run down the line planning an event to be held here next week, which will demonstrate a new vehicle to Network Rail staff, Paul (head forester) joined us, and pointed out areas that would benefit the full and proper testing of this machine. This will (hopefully) be of help to the VCT next week.

Some gardening was carried out in front of the Booking Hall, and vehicles were moved from the Car Park in readiness for the massive influx of people for the Festival this weekend.

Meanwhile steps were taken to order the remaining sleepers - we shall see what delays can be thought up this time!The big chief welder appeared at Duffield and will commence to weld the alternate joints on the platform line starting tomorrow, and completing the work on Saturday.

Much shunting was carried out at Duffield to get the wagons in the right place for platform work and to get the new consist of the works train.

The Works train will depart from Duffield tomorrow morning, but needs to be back at Wirksworth by close of play with the Rudd in the ballast loading dock. A mini digger will be on site at Duffield tomorrow to assist the platform team.

All that and not an ice cream in sight!