Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Progress, Wednesday 30th June

Evenin' all,

At Wirksworth, the R & M division of the C & W dept spent a most fulfilling day working on the flatrol (or whatever, the maroon flat wagon with the wooden floor) They have added new timber to the sloping ends as well as replaced damaged panels in the deck of the wagon. It is now back in service. The flat wagons are bearing the brunt of per way activities, this particular wagon was redecked on its arrival about 8 years ago by Rod and Dave Mee. It is in daily use and has carried several thousand sleepers as well as other materials. Thank you to Rod and Mary for putting in an extra day to make the wagon ready again, more sleepers are coming on Monday.

The per way gang changed 30 sleepers and greased up 8 1/2 pairs of fishplates. They found another sheared bolt and new materials were added as required.

60 concrete blocks were added to the southern end of Duffield platform in order to get the platform face up to the new height, The coping stones will be going on the southern end in the next couple of weeks. Real progress is being made.

Work was also carried out to mark up the joints on the main line ready for welding alternate joints, this will reduce maintenance as well as make a smoother and quieter ride. The rails in the tunnel were examined and the tunnel rerailing programme has been brought forward, materials have been ordered.

Back at Wirksworth a courier arrived to recover the air conditioning plant from the cabin by Wash green bridge, he couldn't lift it. A couple of hours later, an electrician from Bristol arrived to detach
the items from the cabin! (Hum, I wonder if they want a Project Manager/ Logistics Supervisor to plan the work).

The Booking Hall was open and a 'stagger' of walkers parked at the station whilst they went a-rambling.

Tomorrow's works train will be a little late departing from Duffield whilst it waits for some bodily fluids.