Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Progress, Wednesday 2nd June

Evenin' all,

After a dull and misty start, it was a day of warm sunshine.

The Civils gang continued work on Duffield platform by removing some
of the obviously loose stonework from the platform face. Their work has
already been seen by some of the locals who are again happy to see

The per way team were out in force on 'heart-break straight' north
from Duffield, where they laid 26ish sleepers. On return to Duffield,
some shunting was carried out and the Sturgeon added to the consist of
the train for tomorrow.

A trip was made to our purveyor of track components and various lift
plates were brought to site ready for work next week.

Tomorrow sees the last few of the present sleepers being laid, then a
collection of the pre-used ones will take place.