Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Progress Wednesday 23rd June 2010

Dear all
The day started with almost welcome donation of fuel closely followed by today's customer who continued to develop a new rail carrying device. A little work was achieved on the Shell/BP tank before the sun got too hot. A new pole was erected on the former dust dock that will host a super wizzo web cam sourced from China at some cost to the Company.
L J Breeze tripped the Lowmac and Flatrol from Duffield and the Sturgeon from Shottle and positioned the Sturgeon in Wirksworth Car Park to receive building materials for Duffield platform. The Lowmac and Flatrol were berthed to be available when the next delivery of sleepers arrives. LJB returned to the work site north of Duffield where the team have achieved a commendable 29 replacement sleepers despite most of the gang departing early to watch television to see an England victory.
The Buffet Car was occupied this afternoon by a Relate meeting and the Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors before closing early for the match!
A most pleasant day again