Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Progress, Wednesday 16th June

Evenin' all,

A glorious day, with a rail temperature of 35 deg.

The Per way team raced to Duffield and collected any sleepers lying around, in odd wagons or in the long grass, they laid a total of 9 today (yesterdays total actually reads 15 changed - I just put 10 down to see if anyone reads this blurb!). A particular problem at Hazlewood was addressed, many years ago BR staff 'stitched' a shallow culvert by putting rails outside the running rails and bolting them around the sleepers leaving long ends of bolts exposed. These wer highlighted last week with a low ride vehicle for test. These bolts have now been reduced in size, and their ends removed. This meant a great deal of cutting.

The yards at Shottle and at Hazlewood were weed treated, as well as Shottle platform.

The roof of the Inspection Saloon had a coat of primer.

At Duffield, the Civils team unloaded more blocks, sand etc on the platform and continued to remove the facing wall at the south end, as suspected there were no footings, shuttering was built up reafdy for the first 45' to have a load of concrete dropped tomorrow.The Komatsu was again in use unloading the train.The machine has been finished with for a few weeks and will go back to mowing duties next week.

All of the site fire extinguishers have been checked and updated.

Tommorrow is a little hectic, with one vehicle carrying out a whole line test, another client working on the length of CWR on the Hannages, the start of dismantling the TBTC system on the Hannages, and next weeks client bringing bits in.