Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Progress, Tuesday 29th June

Evenin' all,

After overnight rain, everything smelt fresh again, and a nice day followed.

Per way had another good day and managed to change 36 sleepers, they also managed to add easing oil on the fishplates from 134 - 135.

The carriage team were again working on the TO, where more T&G side walls were added, as well as some partitions going up around the loo areas. The new experimental lighting was again tested in their workshop and proved most illuminating!

The flail was in use in the swamp area north of Cemetery Lane and then working the Down side of the Gorsey Bank line. This time it was much easier now that all of the electrical bits and pieces used in connection with the Tube Lines project have been removed.

No 3 was again in action, this time some of the drivers were being examined, I am pleased to say that two have now got their wings - or is it wheels?!

The VCT have ranged far and wide, collecting material from Wirksworth before heading south with materials. They collected posts and rope from the area near Jebbs Lane, the posts being cascaded to one of out local farmers who sought our help to reinforce his fence. The fence was
complete from the railway point of view, but we able to help our community where we can. They also replaced a fence post knocked over at another accomodation crossing.They collected some waste material from near 139, as well as doing more work around F5. What busy little bees!

The Starter motor has been removed from Tommy, and awaits testing to see what problems are to be found therein.

A few Admin notes from Stuart Smith:

  • There have been a few new faces, or ones that we have not seen for a bit, Stuart will be holding another PTS course so he requires names.

  • Please call in at Wirksworth on Tuesday or Thursday for your photo to be taken for your new PTS cards.

  • The new Rule Book and Sectional Appendix will be added to the members section of the website very shortly.

  • Now some of our members have been passed out as steam crew there are a few vacancies coming up for training courses.

  • The timetable for the upcoming steam Gala is being corrected and will be available in the next couple of days.

An Admin note from Neil, please have a look at the one last push part of the website, and pester your friends with it