Thursday, 24 June 2010

Progress Thursday 24th June 2010

Dear all
The PWT star again with 35 sleepers changed and 8 pairs of fishplates greased and I am running out words to describe their remarkable performance over the last few weeks but you really do have to take your hat off to the outstanding productivity that is being achieved.
We also earned some funds today with a Group Drive a Diesel Day admirably hosted by John Allsop and Richard Buckby who orchestrated during the afternoon a transit of the Sturgeon to Shottle conveying a mixed load of materials for the VCT and building materials for Duffield platform. LJB collected the vehicle from Shottle allowing the VCT materials to be discharged at Hazelwood and the remaining load to reach Duffield.
VCT completed their work at bridge DJW8 just north of Postern lodge and delivered scrap to Shottle for the skip located there. It was a two fire day and two new posts were installed at footpath F5 incorporating the "Ecclesbourne" solution that moves the decision point closer to the track giving much better sight lines to both the pedestrian and the train driver. This is proving to be a most satisfactory development that will extend to all our crossings over time.
DRE continued with Duffield platform and added more stone blocks to the reconstruction with a threat to increase productivity quite dramatically over the next few weeks.
The Komatsu 130 commenced a further whole line flail by concentrating on the Incline today in addition of giving the Car Park perimeter a trim and moving bags of ballast from near Platform 3 to the area north of Cemetery Lane bridge. Some further attention was paid to the miniature railway main line and the Booking Hall opened to welcome our Drive a Diesel guests and a few visitors.
In the background there was an intense day of financial management as the books were brought up to date - not exciting but very necessary!
PS - owing to holidays there will be no Sunday Permanent Way gang but normal service will resume the week after