Thursday, 17 June 2010

Progress Thursday 17th June 2010

Dear all
Quite a hectic day with four customers on site at one time or another. Today's test customer had a disappointing day with the machine having a mind of its own - still that's the value of testing in the serenity of the Wirksworth Test Track. Thales commenced stripping out the equipment associated with the now completed Tube Lines contract and a third customer entertained guests from Network Rail. The fourth customer dropped equipment off for their demonstration day next Monday.
In the midst of turning attention to a future visit of Turkish Engineering students a request was received from a Korean rail company to visit our test facilities. We will conquer the world!
Work continued on preparing the Shell/BP tank wagon for repainting and the miniature railway track laying team were fastening their main line down.
VCT had a final day at the cutting near milepost 1341/4 declaring themselves satisfied with the result. PWT had a day fishplate greasing, replacing a G clamp with a fishplate and digging out ready for further sleeper supplies.
DRE completed a section of footings in connection with rebuilding and repairing Duffield platform wall.
Jamie's photo studio was open during the day in connection with the issue of new PTS cards. He will be in residence each Thursday for the foreseeable future to catch everyone who has passed the course.
The phone rang non stop all day with some productive calls and the Booking Hall was open to welcome a few visitors tempted out by the warm sunshine.
PS - Those of you who have spotted that we a webcam up and running on the web site will have seen a great deal of activity in the normally peaceful car park.