Sunday, 6 June 2010

Progress Sunday the 6th June 2010

Dear all,

A rather close day with the morning wake-up call being composed of a
6.20 am thunderstorm. Naturally this got us all up and a rapid start to
the day was made within three and a half hours. This was followed by a
cup of tea.

In late news from yesterday, the LMSCA proceeded with painting and the
Group Drive a Diesel party were very happily entertained to a morning's
shunting of bogies, amongst other things. Examination of the flywheel of
railcar 51505 resulted in progress and further work is now in hand with
the arrival of fresh tackle today.

At Duffield, a small but sturdy team progressed the fitting of 10 pairs
of lift plates, dealt with various base plates, greased themselves up
and addressed a panel of track in the tunnel, by the general heightening
thereof. In the engineerium the DMU team's most dedicated scrubbers
continued the cleaning of the luggage racks, one of those necessary but
interminable tasks. The rest of the DMU team being occupied with cream
tea testing in the buffet car, as well as inserting the weekly enema
into the till system.

The weekend in general was steady rather than busy, but some
gratification was taken when it was found that we had doubled Saturday's
passenger income compared to the same weekend last year. We also had a
Day with a Driver guest from Banbury and some courthouse notes were
exchanged. On the subject of the courthouse there having been no
conscripts this weekend, the odd job list was left to the rather bruised
and mildly groaning passenger dept. That the bruises were about the size
of paintballs was entirely co-incidental. The main thrust of this
somewhat aching process was the clearing, shovelling, weeding and
sweeping of the Station Approach footpath and the removal of a redundant
box half way along it.

Overall a pleasant weekend with no alarms or excursions except the
traditional cow on the line and inevitable wasps in the paint store.

All the best,