Sunday, 27 June 2010

Progress Sunday the 27th June 2010

Dear all,

Vot a scorcher. Oh, I'm sorry. What a scorcher. Well, today we did so
much I barely know where to start. At Duffield the Sunday gang (Gold
Card section) in a whopping performance, mixed, poured and laid 2 1/2
tons of concrete, or tones, as we say in the stock book, and constructed
40 foot of wall for the platform, before retiring for a sweet sherry and
an afternoon listening to Radio 2.

In the engineerium a Mess of Fitters, at times resembling the shed at
Bangalore, furtled Hydra; addressed the clutch of the narrow gauge
engine; tightened the nuts on the luggage racks of the Met Cam centre
car; refitted and polished its heater ducting; dealt with the clay
something of the blastpipe of Brian Harrison and then shunted her to the
water crane to be watered for Tuesday. This not being enough, there then
followed a frenzy of tidying up around the shed including the despatch
of scrap to the skip and the shockingly neat stacking of the bowsers,
this was then followed by the construction of a bothy for Iris's
generator, which now only needs a very small wire to connect it up
before it can be some considerable use.

A magistrate of conscripts undercoated the middle yard gate which had
been scraped yesterday and then painted the outside north end door of
the shed green and the inside grey. In addition to this a ballast top
dressing was applied to the headshunt buffer stop area following
yesterdays work to top dress the down cess drain. Weeding and gardening
continued on the Booking Hall embankment and the much admired flowers
were watered by Henshaw Enterprises.

The passenger service was busier than expected and once again the
weekend's results were better than last year. The Day with a Driver
spent all day with us before returning to Wolverhampton in a more
leisurely way than was the case yesterday. In the soaring temperatures
filming took place in D8001 which thundered round the corner to the
Hannages for the camera and this will shortly be available in HD and on
Blu-ray entitled "How to drive a Class 20 wearing only a thong".

All the best,