Saturday, 26 June 2010

Progress Saturday 26th June 2010

Evening all,

A glorious day with the morning starting off warm and it becoming very hot by the afternoon - almost too hot to work but we soldiered on.

The day started with a private party which gave our catering team and early morning workout. After this, passenger numbers were rather on the light side until the final train, where much to the guards surprise, a large party of walkers were waiting to greet the train at Idridgehay. These people helped us beat last years numbers.

Down the yard, a small team continued in the heat to refurbish the 101 Centre Car. The ceiling trim was put up and cleaning of the floor heater ducting was continued. After the trim was all put up, the day culminated in the newly cleaned luggage racks being returned to their rightful positions. This is a great step forwards.

A short distance away a lone ranger continued work on the south vestibule partition in the LMS TO.

Ballast was shovelled into the headshunt drain to make it look more presentable and work continued on the North End footpath overgrowth to make the path visible again.

A good day,

Mike Evans via Leigh

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