Saturday, 12 June 2010

Progress Sat 12th June 2010

Evening all,

A nice and (eventually) warm day in which all drivable DMU vehicles moved! Iris ran the Ravenstor service whilst the Bubblecar bubbled up and down to Idridgehay, with reasonable passenger numbers. The 117/101 hybrid was split and the two 101 vehicles were put back together, these have been delivered to Platform 1 ready to be cleaned tomorrow. The 117 was then coupled to the newly arrived 108. This helped today's Day with a Driver guest have a most pleasant experience.

First thing this morning the works train was assembled, fed and delivered to Duffield...before our Duffield Stationmaster reported for duty! Tommy and Hydra were then moved towards the pit to have their batteries excited.

The lawn by the side of the incline was mown and the Class 20 Locomotive Society held their AGM on a platform bench in the sunshine. Painting inside the LMS TO coach also progressed.

Not a bad day,

Mike Evans via Leigh

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