Sunday, 13 June 2010

Progress Report Sunday 13th June 2010

Dear all,

A dry morning and a moist afternoon. In news from the south, the Sunday
P-Way gang at Duffield greased a selection of fishplates and proceeded
to jack and pack the road-rail access siding (the bit at the end of the

At Wirksworth, the dry morning enabled us to deal with a great deal of
cleaning and scrubbing. Half the steam engine was cleaned, possibly the
top half, though Matt said the bottom half. Ted said it was the left
half and Bob said it was the right half. In fact it was probably the
front and back halves. Meanwhile the Class 20 crew adjusted their
locomotive's many working parts and also indulged in some cleaning. To
add to this frenzy of mops, buckets and rags, the Met Cams received the
full attention of Leigh and his scrubber, even on both sides, or halves,
as we sometimes say.

The Day with a Driver extracted his maximum value for money from our
selection of service trains and the entire and utter provision of
refreshments available both in the Booking Hall and the Bistro de Jeff.
The service trains were modestly busy in the morning but rather less so
once the heavens opened in the afternoon. The Duty Conscript, reported
to have been "on holiday" (at Her Majesty's Pleasure) assisted the
cleaning of the Met Cams, both interior and exterior; moved the scrap
picnic tables to the great picnic area in the sky, and then collected
assorted piles from near the garage, where the process of cleansing has
been almost completed apart from several intransigent barrels.

In the engineerium a bucket was constructed for the transmitting of
coals to the steam locomotive via the miracle of the fork lift truck.

All the best,