Friday, 4 June 2010

Progress Friday 4th June 2010

Dear all
A wonderfully pleasant day in the foothills of the Peak District with much technical endeavour with a fluid flywheel that had sustained a broken bearing on Met-Cam car 51505 that will require further effort tomorrow. I have now used up all my technical knowledge and I am sure further details will be appended to tomorrow's report.
IMT were charged with changing over the Works Train locomotives with LJB being taken to Duffield and Tommy returning to Wirksworth for servicing and brake adjustment. The return journey with Tommy was extended as the loco overheated and needed topping up with water at Shottle with thanks to Peak Oil.
Catering were in action preparing for the weekend and a second picnic table was assembled without the help of the Czech instructions.
DRE reported achieving absolutely nothing today but assured me that enhanced productivity would be in place next week.
The phone rang constantly with BuyaGift bookings and preparations for a rather special test day next week. It is quite encouraging that we entertain test customers every day next week after quite a fallow period.