Friday, 18 June 2010

Progress Friday 18th June 2010

Dear all
We welcomed today's Drive a Diesel participant who had travelled from Hull with his partner. They were ably hosted by Richard and Hylton and participated in a little shunting at Wirksworth with Tommy and a journey down the line with D8001. They both left the site this evening declaring that they had enjoyed the day very much.
IMT journeyed to Shottle to collect L J Breeze for refuelling at Wirksworth and returned the loco to Shottle to await the Class 20 conveying the sleepers that were delivered this morning. These vehicles were transferred to the waiting LJB and tripped to Duffield. The Class 20 resumed its driver experience duties between Shottle and Wirksworth culminating with a run up the Incline.
The Komatsu 130 also moved from Duffield to Shottle to resume flailing work next week. DMU maintenance embraced the rectification of a throttle defect on 51505 and curing a leaking heater on 51188. Judging by today's weather it won't be long before we need the heaters again.
Amongst the shunting at Wirksworth, the Saloon, Ferrybridge No3 and Tommy were placed at Platform 1 for the Teddy Bears Weekend. The rebuilding of Duffield platform moved forward and Thales removed the last of the equipment associated with the Tube Lines contract. All that now remains is the Halcrow Portakabin which will depart in the next couple of weeks.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors and prepared, along with Catering, for record crowds tomorrow - I am an optimist.
A busy and productive day.