Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Progress Wednesday 26th May 2010

Dear all
Back to normal after the excitements of yesterday. The Permanent Way Team are really cooking on gas with a splendid 31 sleepers changed together with 6 pairs of fishplates greased. They are now just past "Edwards" Crossing, the first accommodation crossing out of Duffield and ready to head off along the long straight.
The final touches were put to the test track installation on the Gorsey Bank line with tomorrow set to give the final coat of paint to the feature. Surprisingly, contractors arrived to work on one the arches of bridge DJW11 to repair the brickwork. We thank Network Rail again for their generosity in funding this work.
There was brief activity in the Model Railway Display and further fine tuning of the automatic hanging basket watering system.
The Booking Hall was in action and much general housekeeping achieved.