Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Progress, Wednesday 19th May

Evenin' all,

Per way had another excellent day and replaced the remaining 18 sleepers of the previous delivery. This has taken the team north of Holloway Road crossing (F2). They also managed to grease 8 pairs of fishplates, as well as loading a wagon full of scrap sleepers. The young team were there again today and were a little slower than yesterday due to various aches and pains from yesterday.

DRE completed the drilling of the rails for the new test obstacle on the Hannages, the assembly now requires its final packing and levelling (with shims)

The Model railway types were busy in their den adding to the set for our junior visitors.

Tomorrow sees ballast fettling and snagging in the Holloway Road area, as well as discharging the old sleepers to the compost heap. The train will depart from Duffield at midday to return to Wirksworth. It will need to overtake the VCT and the flail en route.