Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Progress Tuesday 25th May 2010

Dear all
The day has had a most enjoyable feel as we launched Ferrybridge No3. However, before these excitements there was the southern team that changed a record 31 sleepers with quite a small group from our organisation but a significant contribution form the "back to work" youth. I am not sure we can keep up with the expenditure but I will try very hard.
The LMSCA seem to be attracting and ever larger work force and they will achieve their targets without any difficulties, it says here. The VCT declared pride in their activities but were somewhat inhibited in reporting on the day's work as we concluding a most satisfactory deal with a new customer when their representative returned to base. A written submission suggests  that in the area of DJW 8 fence repairs were conducted on the "Down" or west side, the metal railings on the "Up" side were repaired and primed. On Footpath F5 there was a patch of the stile on the "Down" side.I have to say without these actions the Railway would never open and these endeavours are really appreciated.
Now we come to the main event of the day. There was a most pleasant welcome to No3 with a range of people that represented the energy and enterprise put into this project from the original owner, to the funders, to the restoration team to the "driver" of the project and his very able assistant. The sight of No3 storming through Idridgehay for the benefit of the press was quite a delight and the added mixture of a Polish driver on the footplate added a certain magic to the occasion.
Thanks to Neil we attracted both BBC East Midlands and Central TV, not an easy task, to the event and I trust these enterprises encourage most visitors to arrive.
I believe all involved enjoyed their day with us and I echo my compliments to the funders, the restoration team. the determination of Mike and Pat Craft and the attendance of our Polish visitors to what must have been perceived by them of a very British event.
Rejoice that we have joined the steam age with its added burden of the "wrong kind of coal" and "is there any water" - I am sure all will conquered by these added demands on our very day life.