Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Progress, Tuesday 18th May

Evenin' all,

Martin made a welcome return, after being stuck under a cloud - actually in Venice and delayed by a day due to volcanic ash.

The strength of the per way team at Duffield was doubled by a gang of lads from Intraining, a scheme to get people into work. I must say that our team were very appreciative of the extra help, they will be here tomorrow and Thursday. The new super gang managed 30 sleepers, equalling the highest total this year. They also started to recover scrap material.

The VCT continued around MP 134.25, and have made a great opening around Bluebell Wood south.

The drilling of the new check/bridge rails on the Hannages started but was delayed due to the magdrill suffering from prolonged downtime. A replacement drill eventually arrived - work will continue tomorrow.

No3 had more attention to little niggles and continued to be made ready.

The Carriage group continued work on the Stanier coaches, whilst slowly roasting themselves. The Multiple Unit in Platform 1 had further cleaning carried out.

We also welcomed back a team from Sperry Rail International, who brought some people to be trained on some of their equipment - it was nice to see them back.

Tomorrow sees the new improved per way team at Duffield, and they will lay the remaining sleepers to take us to Holloway Road foot crossing.

The Works train will return to Wirksworth on Thursday around lunchtime ready to be restocked.