Thursday, 6 May 2010

Progress Thursday 6th May 2010

Dear all
I feel a seed of optimism with one customer arriving on site today after quite a long absence and another one booked in for early June. Associated with the test work DRE & Co made a great deal of noise drilling the rail sections that are part of the new installation to be installed on the Gorsey Bank line and will form an essential part of future road/rail certification. They are assembling components on the newly arrived hand trolleys kindly donated by Harsco Rail. These are modern quality products and are most welcome additions.
Work continued in the Third Open M27162 with a black goo being applied to the interior roof space and it was very pleasing to see the northernmost vestibule partition fitted. VCT had a productive day surveying the fence repairs that will be necessary north of Postern Lodge, moving accumulated metal scrap to the skip at Shottle and beginning to tackle the brash left by "Big Nic" at Old Lane bridge (Derby Road 3) following radical tree surgery achieved last Sunday.
The first pass flailing has now reached Duffield footbridge and the whole line is now showing the benefit of the Komatsu - a mission impossible without such a machine. The initial claim by the PWT of 25 sleepers changed has been downgraded by the credit reference agency to junk status and now stands at 23. They are now close to the Duffield footbridge and report conditions are good.
The phone has also been busy with BuyaGift bookings and we are now taking reservations into October.