Thursday, 20 May 2010

Progress Thursday 20th May 2010

Dear all
As ever, activity on many fronts today with the permanent way team drilling and spiking sleepers together with fish plate removal and greasing. The Works Train travelled back to Wirksworth discharging the worst of the removed sleepers en route and the metal scrap into the waiting container at Shottle. VCT were in action about 1 1/4 miles from Duffield and achieved their usual level of success and the flail made quite an impact between milepost 134 1/4 and the end of the line.
The Works Train made its way back to Wirksworth so that "Tommy" could have a service and the Flatrol and Lowmac would be in position to receive a further delivery of sleepers. The LMSCA continued with the refit of the their Third Open coach and their was much painting of structures around the station.
A significant development for the revenue earning area of our Railway was the connection of the garage to our water supply. The mastermind behind this prefers to remain anonymous so I have called him "David". Three cheers for "David" who has enabled to earn a little extra from our tenant and thus improve the opportunities for completing the Duffield project.
I have saved the best till last as today saw a test for the launch of Ferrybridge No3 taking a two coach consist from Wirksworth to Idridgehay with diesel assistance where necessary. I and the other participants of this, yet again, milestone marvelled at how we had progressed from a derelict railway to the state we are in now. Once again I take my hat off to those involved in the restoration of No3 and those that provided the significant funds to make it happen. A truly most enjoyable experience that was impossible only a few short years ago. The residents of Bournebrook Avenue seemed to appreciate the new form of traction with many waves and a strange rush to take the washing in. Even the dog at Idridgehay seemed to be bemused by the shorting beast adjacent to his home.